Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Thesis about the Copyright and Internet Search is Ready for the Thesis Defence

I have to say, i almost hated this piece before today´s final submitting. I guess it´s a usual experience of each author, isn´t it ? So, for all of you my folks interested in copyright limitations and exception from Czech and Slovak perspective (mostly), please refer to my thesis The legal aspects of search engines. I should note that it´s written in Slovak [Huťko knows it is not very useful then...]. The abstract, my first ever (so please be forgiving), reads as follows:
The thesis analyzes the functioning of internet search engines from the perspective of the present copyright law, describes their technical modus operandi and also economic relations in the internet search. The thesis concludes that copyright law status of search engines is uncertain in the most of European jurisdictions, though superable by interpretation to some extent. Consequently, thesis is ended with the analysis of possible de lege ferenda approaches to exceptions and limitations of copyright law. The author suggests that most appropriate solution would be to legislate new open norm during the revision of information society directive.
All of my Czech and Slovak readers please feel free to express any of your positive or negative feelings while reading the thesis (whether in comments below or by email is solely up to you). Appreciate your comments in advance. And for the rest of my reading audience, i promise to write the diploma thesis in English (on liability of ISPs).

I would like to kindly express my gratitute for the first comments concerning my abstract. Steven Zlatos suggested me how to make it little easier to understand.
The function of internet search engines is analyzed from the perspective of current copyright law, describing their technical modus operandi and the economic relations underlying internet searches. The author surmises that the copyright law status of internet search engines is uncertain in most European jurisdictions, and so discusses possible approaches to what the law should be. The thesis concludes that the most appropriate solution is to legislate new flexible norm (open norm) during the revision of information society directive.


gizem t. said...

i m really interested about searc engines is there any chance for me to access the index of yoyr thesis

Huťko said...

My thesis is available here

unfortunately its in Slovak - but Google Translate or at least index of literature might be of your interest