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    My Upcoming Work
    1. [EN] Lenka Fiala and Martin Husovec, ‘Using Experimental Evidence to Design Optimal Notice and Takedown Process’ (2021) – submitted & under review
    2. [EN] Martin Husovec, ‘Over-Blocking: Who is Responsible?’ (2021) - work-in-progress
    3. [EN] Martin Husovec, What do Advocate Generals cite? And What does it say about the CJEU? (2021) work-in-progress

    My Recent Work

    Journal articles in English:
    1. [EN] Martin Husovec and João Pedro Quintais, ‘How to license Article 17? Exploring the Implementation Options for the New EU Rules on Content-Sharing Platforms’ (2021) 4 GRUR International - forthcoming
    2. [EN] Martin Husovec, How will the European patent judges understand proportionality? 60(4) (2020) Jurimetrics 5
    3. [EN] Inge Graef, Martin Husovec, and Jasper den Boom, ‘Spill-Overs in Data Governance: The Relationship Between the GDPR’s Right to Data Portability and EU Sector-Specific Data Access Regimes’ (2020) 3 Journal of European Consumer and Market Law
    4. [EN] Martin Husovec, Essence of Intellectual Property Rights under Art 17(2) of the EU Charter (2019) 20(6) German Law Journal (special edition on ‘Essence of Fundamental Rights’), pp. 840-863
    5. [EN] Inge Graef, Raphael Gellert, and Martin Husovec, ‘Towards a Holistic Regulatory Approach for the European Data Economy: Why the Illusive Notion of Non-Personal Data is Counterproductive to Data Innovation’ (2019) 44(5) European Law Review, p. 605-621
    6. [EN] Martin Husovec, The Promises of Algorithmic Copyright Enforcement: Takedown or Staydown? Which is Superior? And Why? (2018) 42(1) Columbia Journal of Law & the Arts, pp. 53-84
    7. [EN] Inge Graef, Martin Husovec, Nadya Purtova, Data Portability and Data Control: Lessons for an Emerging Concept in EU Law (2018) 19(6) German Law Journal, pp. 1359-1398
      Books in English
    1. [EN] Martin Husovec, Injunctions Against Intermediaries in the European Union: Accountable, but not Liable? (Cambridge University Press 2017) – 296 pages
    2. [SK] Martin Husovec, Liability on the Internet under Czech and Slovak law [Zodpovednosť na internete podľa českého a slovenského práva] (CZ.NIC, 2014) – 236 pages

    Book Chapters in English
    1. [EN] Martin Husovec, Closing the Gap: How EU Law Constrains National Rules Against Imitation? in Brunn, Dinwoodie, Ohly, Levin (eds.) Transition and Coherence in Intellectual Property Law (Cambridge University Press 2020)
    2. [EN] Martin Husovec, Remedies First, Liability Second: Or Why We Fail to Agree on Optimal Design of Intermediary Liability? In Giancarlo Frosio (eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Intermediary Liability Online (Oxford University Press 2020)
    3. [EN] Giancarlo Frosio and Martin Husovec, Intermediary Accountability and Responsibility In Giancarlo Frosio (eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Intermediary Liability Online (Oxford University Press 2020)
    4. [EN] Martin Husovec, How Europe Wants to Redefine Global Online Copyright Enforcement In: Tatiana Eleni Synodinou (ed.), Pluralism or Universalism in International Copyright Law (Kluwer Law, 2019) 
    5. [EN] Martin Husovec, The Fundamental Right to Property and the Protection of Investment: How Difficult Is It to Repeal New Intellectual Property Rights in Christophe Geiger (eds), Research Handbook on Intellectual Property and Investment Law (Edward Elgar 2019)
    6. [EN] Martin Husovec, Asking Innocent Third Parties for a Remedy: Origins and Trends In Franz Hofmann and Franziska Kurz (eds.) Law of Remedies (Intersencia 2019)
    7. [EN] Martin Husovec, Standardization, Open Source, and Innovation: Sketching the Effect of IPR Policies In Jorge Contreras (eds.) Cambridge Handbook of Technical Standardization Law (Cambridge University Press 2019) 

    Case Books
    1. [CZ] Martin Husovec a Martin Loučka, Selected (Czech) case-law in the area of domain names [Vybraná judikatura z oblasti doménových sporů] (Wolters Kluwer, 2019) - available here.
    2. [SK] Martin Husovec, Domain Reader: Selected Slovak domain name decisions. [Doménová čítanka. Výber zo slovenských doménových rozhodnutí] (EISI, 2013) - available here.
    1. [EN] Justus Baron, Jorge Contreras, Martin Husovec, Pierre Larouche, Nikolaus Thumm, The Technical Standardization Ecosystem and Institutional Decision Making: The case of SDO IPR policies and their inter-dependencies
    2. [EN] Alexander de Streel and Martin Husovec, The e-commerce Directive as the cornerstone of the Internal Market (2020, European Parliament)