Thursday, March 6, 2008

What distinction is between Law of IT and Cyberlaw?

Nowadays have almost everbody heared this fourth terms :
1. Cyberlaw
2. Internet law
3. Coputer law
4. Law of information technologies
Essential is clear to everyone: "It is some connetcion between law and information society." At first, internet is also known as cyberspace, therefor terms cyberlaw and internet law are synonyms. So there is no distinction between this two terms. Cyberlaw (according Wiki) is an attempt to integrate the challenges presented by human activity on the Internet with legacy system of laws applicable to the physical world.Term law of information technologies (short "Law of IT") have larger sense as term Cyberlaw.
Law of IT include cyberlaw (more simply - online aspect of IT) and computer law (more simply - offline aspect of IT)
So as you can see below it is intersection of many legal fields.

Cyberlaw deals with :
1. E-commerce,
2. Webcasting,
3. Internet advertising,
4. Legal capacity of providers,
5. Internet criminality.
6. Jurisdiction
Only online aspects of :
7. Itellectual property,
8. Privacy,
9. Freedom of expression.

Computer law deals with :
1. Software matters (patents, licences, etc.),
2. Know-how
Than legal framework for :
3. Digital databases of personal informations,
4. E-books and e-libraries,
5. Managing, preparing and distributing of information.
This article is my unscientific opinion.


Anonymous said...

This branch of law is not so charted as the other are, but this is my attempt to delineate this two related terms.

Anonymous said...

Nice first post on the topic. I see cyberlaw and the law of information technology as related, but could be different depending on the particular issue at hand.