Friday, January 15, 2010

Hutko´s reading list

Well, the year just began and we can see plenty of proposals, legal studies or interesting news getting around. Sort of problem to absorb all that stuff when one have to plough through his exam schedule at the same time. So i´ve decided to sum up in the brief way, the most relevant of them. Those i want to read after this "peak period". Steps are as follows :

1. Clean up my Reader
My Google Reader is getting stuffed in these days (more than 200 articles). Don´t count the general news :) Afterwards...

2. OHIM´s new study on CTMs

3. Slovak Information Security Bill
Ministry of Finance proposed new bill regarding information security dealing especially with public sector security matters. It´s in the state of an legislative intent. Get to more details later.

4. Copyright in the Knowledge Economy
This paper is an communication from the Commission COM(2009) 532 final. It basically relates to the same named green paper COM(2008) 466/3. It´s from 2009, but it includes some good thoughts on copyright and is strongly connected to pending copyright reform (i.e. the one for orphan works).

5. Prof. Hugenholtz et al. on private copying


Unknown said...

Good luck, man...
looking forward to read your opinion on Slovak Information Security Bill legislative intent...


Huťko said...

Thank you,
Hope i get on that soon,