Present Affiliations

Past Affiliations
  • Assistant Professor at Tilburg Law School, Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology, and Society (TILT) and Tilburg Law and Economics Center (TILEC) (10/2015-06/2020)
  • Visiting Fellow at Cambridge University, Faculty of Law (9-10/2019)
  • Visiting Fellow at the European University Institute (EUI) (9-10/2018)
  • Visiting Professor at Central European University (CEU) (02/2018; 04/2019)
  • Guest Lecturer at Leibniz University, Institüt für Rechtsinformatik (09/2015-12/2016)
  • Visiting Researcher at Stanford University, Center for Internet and Society (04/2014–06/2014)
  • Invited Researcher at the Institute of Intellectual Property in Tokyo (09/2015–10/2015)
  • Tutor at the Munich Intellectual Property Law Center (01/10/2013–30/09/2015)
Invited Talks/Contributions:

Published Papers:

  • EUIPO Webinar, October 2019, Injunctions Against Intermediaries in the European Union: How does it Work? [LINK]
  • Stanford Law School, May 2016, Palo Alto, US, Title: Accountable, Not Liable.

  • European Copyright Roundtable, June 2019, Brussels, Belgium

  • Haifa University, March 2018, Haifa, Israel, Title: Accountable But Not Liable
  • Masaryk University, April 2014, Current topics in intermediary liability

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