Below you find the list of my publications ranging from books chapters and journal papers to op-eds and amicus curiae briefs I authored.

    Preview of recent & upcoming works:
    • [EN] Martin Husovec, Using Experimental Evidence to Design Optimal Notice and Takedown Process (2019) TILEC Discussion Paper No. 2018-028 
    Pending submissions
    • [EN] Martin Husovec, Essence of Intellectual Property Rights under Art 17(2) of the EU Charter (2019) German Law Review (special symposium) forthcoming
    • [EN] Martin Husovec, Closing the Gap: How EU Law Constraints National Rules Against Imitation? in Undisclosed (Oxford University Press) forthcoming
    • [EN] Martin Husovec, The Fundamental Right to Property and the Protection of Investment: How Difficult Is It to Repeal New Intellectual Property Rights? (2019) Christophe Geiger (eds), Research Handbook on Intellectual Property and Investment Law (Edward Elgar) forthcoming 
    • [EN] Martin Husovec, Remedies First, Liability Second: Or Why We Fail to Agree on Optimal Design of Intermediary Liability? (2019) Giancarlo Frosio (eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Intermediary Liability Online (Oxford University Press) forthcoming
    • [EN] Martin Husovec and Lisa van Dongen, The European Harmonization of Injunctions in Intellectual Property Law: ‘Landing’ in a Standstill? (2018) forthcoming
    • [EN] Martin Husovec, Asking Innocent Third Parties for a Remedy: Origins and Trends (2018) In Franz Hofmann and Franziska Kurz (eds.) Law of Remedies (Law of Remedies)  forthcoming
    • [EN] Inge Graef, Raphael Gellert, and Martin Husovec, Towards a Holistic Regulatory Approach for the European Data Economy: Why the Illusive Notion of Non-Personal Data is Counterproductive to Data Innovation (2018) TILEC Discussion Paper No. 2018-029
    • [CZ] Martin Husovec, Czech Domain Reader (Wolters Kluwer 2019)
    • [EN] Martin Husovec, Standardization, Open Source, and Innovation: Sketching the Effect of IPR Policies (2018) In Jorge Contreras (eds.) Cambridge Handbook of Technical Standardization Law (CUP 2019) forthcoming
    • [EN] A Story of the Data Retention in Slovakia: Constitutional Review and its Consequences (2018) In Marek Zubik (eds) European Constitutional Courts Towards Data Retention Law (Springer 2018) - forthcoming 
    Accepted & Published journal articles (new to old):

      1. [EN] The Promises of Algorithmic Copyright Enforcement: Takedown or Staydown? Which is Superior? And Why? (2018) Columbia Journal of Law & the Arts forthcoming
      2. [EN] Inge Graef, Martin Husovec, Nadya Purtova, Data Portability and Data Control: Lessons for an Emerging Concept in EU Law (2018) German Law Review forthcoming
      3. [EN] Martin Husovec and Lisa Van Dongen, Website Blocking, Injunctions and Beyond: View on the Harmonization from the Netherlands (2017) GRUR Int. 7/2017
      4. [EN] Martin Husovec, Holey cap! CJEU drills (yet) another hole in the e-Commerce Directive’s safe harbours (2017) 12 (2) Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice, 115-125 (JIPLP, SSRN)
      5. [EN] Sophie Stalla-Bourdillona, Eleonora Rosati, Karmen Turk, Christina Angelopoulos, Aleksandra Kuczerawy, Miquel Peguera and Martin Husovec, An academic perspective on the copyright reform (2016) Computer Law & Security Review (Elsevier, SSRN)
      6. [EN] Martin Husovec, Intellectual Property Rights and Integration by Conflict: The Past, Present and Future in Cambridge Yearbook of European Legal Studies, 18 (2016), pp. 239–269 (CUP)
      7. [EN] Martin Husovec, Doctrine of Trademark Use in European Union and Japan (2017) 21 Marq. Intell. Prop. L. Rev. 1; Tilburg Law School Research Paper No. 2/2016; TILEC Discussion Paper No. 2016-005;
      8. [EN] Martin Husovec, 'ECtHR (Again) Accepts General Monitoring of Third Party Content as Compatible With Freedom of Expression' (2016) 11(1) Journal of Intellectual Property Law and Practice, p. 17–20
      9. [EN] Martin Husovec, 'Slovakia ∙ Slovak Constitutional Court Annuls National Data Retention Provisions' (2015) 3 European Data Protection Review, 227
      10. [EN] Martin Husovec, 'Much Ado about Little – Privately Litigated Internet Disconnection Injunctions' (2015) 2 The International Review of Intellectual Property and Competition Law (IIC) at 10
      11. [EN] Martin Husovec, The End of Meta Search Engines in Europe? (2014) Chi.-Kent J. Intell. Prop. at 145; Max Planck Institute for Innovation & Competition Research Paper No. 14-15; 
      12. [EN] Martin Husovec, CJEU Allowed Website Blocking Injunctions With Some Reservations (2014) 9(7) Journal of Intellectual Property Law and Practice
      13. [EN] Martin Husovec, Case Comment on Pinckney (2014) 46(2) The International Review of Intellectual Property and Competition Law (IIC)
      14. [EN] Martin Husovec, ECHR Rules on Liability of ISPs as a Restriction of Freedom of Speech (2014) 9(2) Journal of Intellectual Property Law and Practice 
      15. [EN] Martin Husovec, Injunctions against innocent third parties: case of website blocking (2013) 4(2) Journal of Intellectual Property, Information Technology and E-Commerce Law (JIPITEC)
      16. [EN] Martin Husovec, Domain name transfer before Slovak and Czech courts (2012) 3(2) Journal of Intellectual Property, Information Technology and E-Commerce Law (JIPITEC)

      1. [SK] Martin Husovec, The concept of parasitizing unfair competition [Koncept parazitujúcej nekalej súťaže] in Marian Kropaj (ed.) Sub Specie Aeternitatis: Život a dielo profesora Jána Švidroňa (Faber, 2015)
      2. [SK] Martin Husovec, Case note on [Poznámky k prípadu] (2014) 9 Revue pro právo a technologie
      3. [SK] Martin Husovec, Is a bank or a client liable for phishing? [Zodpovedá za phishing banka alebo klient?] (2014) 9 Revue pro právo a technologie
      4. [SK] Martin Husovec, Case note on the case [Poznámky k prípadu] (2013) 8 Revue pro právo a technologie
      5. [SK] Martin Husovec, Consent or a license agreement? Response to the article of Prof. Telec. [Súhlas alebo licenčná zmluva? Reakcia na článok prof. Telca] (2013) 8 Revue pro právo a technologie
      6. [SK] Martin Husovec, Case note on the case [Poznámky k prípadu] (2013) 8 Revue pro právo a technologie
      7. [SK] Martin Husovec, Public Interest in Copyright law. Exceptions and Limitations, restrictively? [Verejný záujem v autorskom práve. Výnimky a obmedzenia, reštriktívne? (2013) 5 Právny obzor
      8. [SK] Martin Husovec, Case commentary. Liability of a discussion forum provider for allegedly difamatory comments of third parties. [Zodpovednosť poskytovateľa diskusného fóra za údajne difamačné príspevky tretích osôb] (2012) 6 Revue pro právo a technologie
      9. [SK] Martin Husovec, Is it still possible to claim the domain name transfer? [Je ešte stále možné žalovať o prevod domény?] (2011) 6 Revue pro právo a technologie
      10. [SK] Martin Husovec, Judicial harmonization of the copyright term 'work' in the Union law [Judikatórna harmonizácia pojmu autorského diela v únijnom práve.] (2012) 12 Bulletin slovenskej advokácie
      11. [SK] Martin Husovec, How to interpret § 81 ods. 6 of the Copyright Act. SOZA v. Pohorelá [Ako vykladať § 81 ods. 6 autorského zákona. SOZA v. Pohorelá] (2012) 3 Duševné vlastníctvo
      12. [SK] Martin Husovec, Case commentary. Hiddenly charged websites. [Komentár k prípadu skyto spoplatňovaných webstránok] (2012) 5 Revue pro právo a technologie
      13. [SK] Martin Husovec, Case commentary. Assessing jurisdiction of Slovak court in case of distance e-torts. [Posudzovanie právomoci slovenského súdu v prípade dištančných e-deliktov] (2012) 5 Revue pro právo a technologie
      14. [SK] Martin Husovec, Introductory study: Internet and European Law [Úvodná štúdia: Internet a Európske právo] (2012) 2 Výber rozhodnutí Súdneho dvora Európskej únie
      15. [SK] Martin Husovec, On the European "review" of the copyright subject matter [K európskemu "prepisovaniu" pojmových znakov autorského diela] (2011) 4 Duševné vlastníctvo
      16. [SK] Martin Husovec, Is it possible to claim the domain name transfer? [Je možné žalovať o prevod domény?] (2011) 1 Revue pro právo a technologie
      17. [SK] Martin Husovec, Brief commentary on the Prolux case [Krátky komentár k prípadu Prolux] (2011) 1 Revue pro právo a technologie
      18. [SK] Martin Husovec, Commentary on keyword advertising [Komentár k inzercii na kľúčové slová] (2011) 1 Duševné vlastníctvo, p. 51-55.
      19. [SK] Martin Husovec, Interpretation of the article 5(1) and (2) of trademark directive in the jurisprudence of the Court of Justice of European Union [Výklad článku 5(1) a (2) známkovej smernice v judikatúre Súdneho dvora EÚ] (2011) 1 Časopis Průmyslové vlastnictví, p. 19-28.
      20. [SK] Martin Husovec, Recognizing claim and the action of recognition in the field of intellectual property law [Uznávací nárok a uznávacia žaloba v práve duševného vlastníctva] (2011) 4 Justičná Revue

      1. [DE] Matej Gera, Martin Husovec and Martin Šrámek, Das neue Urheberrecht in der Slowakei (2016) 13(1) Medien und Recht International 2016

      Working papers
      1. [EN] Martin Husovec, Accountable, Not Liable: Injunctions Against Intermediaries [2016] TILEC Discussion Paper No. 2016-012
      2. [EN] Martin Husovec, Using Experimental Evidence to Design Optimal Notice and Takedown Process (2018) Working paper

      1. [EN] Martin Husovec, Injunctions Against Intermediaries in the European Union: Accountable, but not Liable? (Cambridge University Press 2017)
      2. [SK] Matej Gera and Martin Husovec, Štefan Szilva and Petra Zabuďková, Digitálna verejná správa a ľudské práva (European Information Society Institute (EISi), 2015)
      3. [CZ] Martin Husovec, Czech Domain Reader (Wolters Kluwer 2018)
      4. [SK] Martin Husovec, Liability on the Internet under Czech and Slovak law [Zodpovednosť na internete podľa českého a slovenského práva] (CZ.NIC2014)
      5. [SK] Martin Husovec, Domain reader. Selected Slovak domain name decisions. [HUSOVEC, M. Doménová čítanka. Výber zo slovenských doménových rozhodnutí] European Information Society Institute, 2013. ISBN: 978-80-971307-0-1

      Book Chapters
      1. [EN] Martin Husovec, Standardization, Open Source, and Innovation: Sketching the Effect of IPR Policies In Jorge Contreras (eds.) Cambridge Handbook of Technical Standardization Law (CUP 2019) forthcoming
      2. [EN] Martin Husovec, Courts, privacy and data protection in Slovakia: A hesitant guardian? In Maja Brkan (ed.) Courts, privacy and data protection (Edward Elgar Publishing, 2017) 
      3. [EN] Zuzana Adamova and Martin Husovec, Slovak Chapter. Vanhees, H. (ed.) International Encyclopaedia of Laws: Intellectual Property (Kluwer Law International, 2014)
        1. [EN] Book Review: Christina Angelopoulos, European Intermediary Liability in Copyright (2018) European Intellectual Property Law Review, 5 pages
        2. [EN] Book Review: Jaani Riordan, The Liability of Internet Intermediaries (2017) 12(6) Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice, p. 528-529
        3. [SK] Book Review: Klinka and others, Commentary on Slovak Trademark Act (2012) 4 Duševné vlastníctvo, p. 58

        External blog posts:
        • 2015-2019 not updated [regular contributor at Kluwer's Copyright Blog & Stanford CIS Blog]
        1. [EN] Save our open WiFi: an open letter At IPKat, June 2015
        2. [EN] First European Constitutional Court Suspends Data Retention After the Decision of the Court of Justice of EU. At Stanford CIS Blog, April 2014
        3. [EN] Czech Supreme Court: Embedding is communication to the public. At Kluwer Copyright Blog, November 2013
        4. [SK] Will collecting societies kill the doctrine, or the doctrine a dream of collecting societies? [Zabijú OKS doktrínu, alebo skôr doktrína sen OKS?] In Lexforum - September 2013  
        5. [EN] Tank Man wins copyright dispute in Slovakia. At Kluwer Copyright Blog, August 2013
        6. [SK] Jurisdiction of the Slovak courts in patent cases with international element [Právomoc slovenského súdu v patentovom spore s cudzím prvkomIn Lexforum - April 2013
        7. [SK] Indirect effect of the Union law 'contra verba legis'. [Povinnosť eurokonformného výkladu 'contra verba legis'?] In Lexforum - December 2012
        8. [SK] Is downloading from illegal sources legal? [Je sťahovanie z nelegálnych zdrojov legálne?] In Lexforum - September 2012
        9. [SK] Disclosing identity of person behind the IP address in cases of intellectual property infringements [Odhalenie identity osoby za IP adresou pri porušeniach práv duševného vlastníctva] In Lexforum - August 2012
        10. [SK] Regional Court Trenčín: Liability of the discussion forum provider for the allegedly defamatory comments of the third parties  [KS Trenčín: Zodpovednosť poskytovateľa diskusného fóra za údajne difamačné príspevky tretích osôb] In Lexforum - July 2012
        11. [SK] The story about the terms used in Slovak tort law. [Príbeh o pojmoch v slovenskom deliktnom práve] In Lexforum - May 2012
        12. [SK] District Court Poprad in the case of hiddenly charged websites. [Okresný súd Poprad vo veci skryto spoplatňovaných webstránok] In Lexforum - April 2012
        13. [EN] Newspaper articles not creative enough. An issue for the CJEU? At Kluwer Copyright Blog, January 2012
        14. [SK] TIPOS case: erga omnes rights and general clause of the unfair competition [TIPOS: erga omnes práva a generálna klauzula nekalej súťaže] In Lexforum - 2011
        15. [SK] 'Commercial torts' - what regime applies? [Obchodné delikty – čím sa vlastne riadite?] In Lexforum - 2011
        Amicus Briefs:
        1. [EN] Amicus before the European Court of Human Rights in Flavus OOO v Russia (website over-blocking)
        2. [EN] Amicus before the European Court of Human Rights in Kharitonov v Russia (website over-blocking)
        3. [EN] Amicus before the European Court of Human Rights in Magyar Jeti Zrt v Hungary (liability for hyperlinking)
        4. [EN] Amicus before the European Court of Human Rights (within Tilburg-Stanford Law Clinic) in Satamedia v Finland [on data journalism and freedom of expression]
        5. [EN] Amicus before the European Court of Human Rights in Delfi AS v Estonia [freedom of expression & liability of an intermediary for third-party comments]
        6. [SK] Amicus before the Supreme Court of Slovak Republic in COPA CAFE [the trade mark right abuse; identity test of signs under trade mark law].
        7. [SK] Amicus before the Regional Court Bratislava II. in [about interference with personality rights when reusing the governmental data; liability of webhosting provider for hosted content].
        8. [SK] Amicus before the Constitutional Court and Supreme Court of Slovak republic in Ecopress v. Storin [about compatibility of national originality doctrine of a ´work´ with European notion of ´authors own intellectual creation´].
        9. [SK] Amicus before the Prešov Regional Court in Ombudspot v. ProContent [about online contracting, incorporation of general terms and conditions and suprising clauses]
        10. [SK] Amicus before the Supreme Court of Slovak republic in Stacho v. Klub Strážov [about liability of the discussion forum provider for the third party comments]
        1. [SK] Google may scan books, but not in Slovakia [Google môže skenovať knihy, no nie na Slovensku] In
        2. [SK] Censorship in the name of the data protection? [Cenzúra v mene ochrany osobných údajov?] In
        3. [SK] Why should you be concerned about net neutrality? [Prečo by vás mala trápiť sieťová neutralita internetu?]
        4. [SK] One year after Snowden. Slovaks are still in delirium [Rok po Snowdenovi sú Slováci stále v delíriu]
        5. [SK] Decriminalization which can tighten up the punishments [Pripravuje sa dekriminalizácia, čo môže sprísniť tresty]
        In media:
        • Quoted in: The New York Times [US], Washington Post [US], NRC [NL], EU Observer [EU], [CZ], SME [SK], [CZ], Delfi [ES], Hospodárské Noviny [CZ], Trend [SK], [SK], and many others.
        1. [SK/ES] On Delfi v Estonia: [SME]; [Medialne]; [Delfi]
        2. [SK/CZ] On copyright reform: []; [Hospodarske Noviny]; 
        3. [EN] New York Times (cited) "Europe Tried to Rein In Google. It Backfired."
        4. [EN] Interview for Kluwer Patent Blog > Speedy ratification of Unified Patent Court Agreement unlikely in Slovakia and Czech Republic
        5. [SK] Interview with Martin Husovec [Rozhovor s Martinom Husovcom] In Najprá
        6. [EN] EU Observer (cited) "Google should 'inform more' on right to be forgotten"
        7. [EN] Open Letter of 80 Academics to Google on Right to Be Forgotten
        Other expert opinions/deliverables
        1. [EN] Justus Baron, Jorge Contreras, Martin Husovec, Pierre Larouche, Making the Rules: The Governance of Standard Development Organizations and their Policies on Intellectual Property Rights' (JRC Report, 2019) 
        2. [EN] Pilot field study on the functioning of the national judicial systems for the application of competition law rules. Slovak Chapter.
        3. [EN/SK] Opinion on the applicability of the EU Charter after the decision of the Court of Justice of the EU in Digital Rights Ireland, EISi
        4. [SK] The expert opinion of EISi on net neutrality interference (Antik v. UPC) [Odborné stanovisko EISi k porušovaniu sieťovej neutrality (Antik v. UPC)]
        Something completely different
        1. [SK] About One IT-law Summer School [O jednej letnej škole IT práva] In: Universitas Safarikana č. 1/2010, p. 19
        2. [SK] About IT-law Summer School in Hanover [O letnej škole IT-práva v Hanoveri] In: Revue pro právo a technologie č. 2/2010, p.10